Special Links

Editions by Frederick
This is our home based glamour photography business where most of the images on this site were produced.

Digital Design
Frederick also runs this business which deals with web site design, marketing, graphic design and corporate photography. He designed this web site!

Sensual Goddess Publishing Inc.
We set up a separate company for some of the publication projects we are working on. Right now, our main project is "The Sensual Goddess Tarot Deck". This deck is for sale in our online store as well.

Oleanna on Facebook
Just my facebook page. I don't spend a lot of time here, but I check in every couple of days.

Frederick on Facebook
He tells me that he hates Facebook but feels compelled to have one anyway. Not sure why but maybe you can go and poke or something to encourage him to post more.

Sam on Facebook
This is the profile of Natasha's oldest boy, Sam. He is a good friend, a talented musician and artist and a person that I respect a lot.

Timosha (Tim) on Facebook
This is the profile of my youngest nephew, Timofey (or Timosha or Tim). He follows in the footsteps of his older brother, Sam and I know he is quickly growing up to be an amazing man and artist.

Lena on Facebook
This is the profile of Lena, my niece and daughter of my sister, Luda. She really helped us a lot with translation during the first days when Frederick came to visit in UKraine.

Sasha on Facebook
This is the profile of Sasha (he goes by Alex as an English variant) , the husband of my late sister, Natashia and father to Sam and Tim.

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