The Sensual Goddess Tarot

Oleanna is the feature model in this seminal project that took three years to complete. "The Sensual Goddess Tarot Deck" has 78 unique photo art pieces, all featuring Oleanna as the character of the "Sensual Goddess". One does not need to be a collector of Tarot to appreciate the work and beauty that these images portray. Available as an actual tarot deck or, if only the images interest you, in a full color art book. For further details on these products, including a "Look Inside" feature, go to our publications web site Sensual Goddess Publications
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The Sensual Goddess Tarot Deck

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The Fantastic Photo Art of the The Sensual Goddess Tarot Deck

The Sensual Goddess Playing Card Deck

"The Sensual Goddess Playing Card Deck" has 53 unique photo art pieces (52 standard cards plus the Joker). Aside from the stunning images, this deck is produced with only the best quality in mind. Printed on 350gsm brilliant white card stock with a special low-friction coating that not only ensures years of heavy use but is also one of the easiest decks to handle. Oleanna is at her best in exotic locations, computer environments and high quality studio photography. To see a gallery of all of the card images and for more information, go to our publications web site Sensual Goddess Publications
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The Sensual Goddess Erotic Art Cards

Hot on the heels of our top selling “Sensual Goddess Playing Cards” comes the Sensual Goddess Erotic Art Cards.

Featuring the same super-high quality production that made the Sensual Goddess Playing Card Deck so popular. 350gsm thick, brilliant white glossy stock with our unique low-friction polymer coating, these cards are designed to last. The high resolution color printing reproduces the amazing erotic photo art to exacting standards and makes these decks worthy of any high quality collection.

Unique to this deck are the horizontal format images wrapped in a playing card motif. Why do playing card decks usually have vertical images? Is it because that’s the way you hold the cards when you play? But when the cards are in your hand, you only see the corners anyway, so are vertical images really necessary? The images in this deck are so gorgeous, they deserve to be as big as possible. And a horizontal image fills up way more space than a vertical one. But we went even further and extended the images right to the edges of the cards to give you the absolute best Goddess viewing experience. That’s why we tagged the deck “A Little Bit Twisted” (90 degrees, actually).

Crafted by internationally celebrated photo artist Frederick Potter and brought to life by the famous beauty of Ukrainian glamour model Oleanna, these cards were years in the making. Each one a masterpiece worthy of gallery display. Sensual, but tasteful images that hint at the erotic but are created with such elegance and beauty the nudity becomes almost a secondary consideration. These are not your tacky naked girl cards. Many of the photo art nudes in this deck have received prestigious awards and have been internationally celebrated as fine erotic art.

To see a gallery of all of the card images and for more information, go to our publications web site
Sensual Goddess Publications
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Visions of Oleanna
Click an image of one of the books below for more information and to order.

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Volume 1

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Volume 2

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Volume 3

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Volume 4

The World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today

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Volume 1

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Volume 2

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Volume 4

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Volume 3

Oleanna achieved the prestigious distinction of being selected as a winner in all four publications of "The Greatest Erotic Art of Today". These hard cover books showcase the works of artists, illustrators, sculptors and photographers from all over the world. Juried by a panel of five experts, only the best of the best made the cut, and being selected as a winner in every single competition was an accomplishment not shared by an other model. These volumes are testament to the fact that Oleanna is, in every respect, a world class model.
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Heavy Metal Magazine
September 2007 issue

Oleanna is the only model ever to have her own feature spread in Heavy Metal Magazine. Traditionally the domain of illustrators and artists, it was a ground-breaking event to have photographic fantasy art as part of the magazine feature. This four page feature contained many of the most popular images such as "Anticipation", "Articles of Faith" and others. Photographed, of course, by Frederick Potter, Oleanna now takes her place in history as the first, and to this date, the only glamour model to be featured in this publication. Archive copies are limited but may still be available through the publishers of Heavy Metal Magazine.

Oleanna sends 2,500 pinup postcards to the troops in Afghanistan
Each one personally kissed!


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Some grateful troops!

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In 2007 Oleanna embarked on an ambitious project to support the morale of the Canadian troops who were stationed in Afghanistan. Originally from Ukraine, Oleanna saw first hand the effects of war on Ukrainian troops and felt great sympathy for the emotional stress that these tours of duty can inflict. So she decided to take a page from history and create some pinup style postcards to send to the boys overseas. Over 2,500 cards were sent, each one personally kissed by Oleanna. On the back of each card was a blessing and prayer in the hope that they would become a kind of protection talisman for those who carried it with them.

The troops responded with overwhelming gratitude and sent numerous letters and photos thanking her for thinking of them.

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Not all cards printed were able to be sent. There is a very limited number of these cards still available as collector items and are available in our online store for $7.00 each which includes the shipping anywhere in the world. If you would like to own a piece of history or if you know someone in the service who would appreciate having their spirits lifted, then this would be an excellent choice.

Oleanna has been the hot topic of many news stories around the world

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