Visions of Oleanna - Vol 1
This book is 8"x10" - 64 pages
This is the first of several editions showcasing the glamour and fine art nude modeling of Oleanna and the photographic art of Frederick Potter. Offered in several smaller volumes to keep the price affordable, every collector of fine art erotica will be able to own at least one edition.

Born in the industrial city of Kryvyi Rih in the Ukraine, Oleanna grew up dreaming of a better life and to see the world outside of her poor, tiny apartment. Others mocked her dreams as those of a foolish and naive girl and urged her to forget her fantasies and accept her hard life. But she did not wish to follow the other girls around her to marry any man that came along so that she might have some better way of life. Despite the ridicule she steadfastly listened to the voice in her soul that told her if she only waited, her dreams would become a reality.

Frederick, an accomplished photographer of many years, quickly saw the amazing potential that Oleanna had. Her sense of style, her magical ability with makeup and hair and her natural talent as a model soon resulted in Frederick deciding to focus his talents to produce a large body of work featuring Oleanna. Their collaborative work soon became internationally recognized as some of the most cutting edge photographic art in the industry. Oleanna's beauty and talent, together with Frederick's amazing technical and creative skills, soon produced fantastic fantasy art that were featured in magazines, art galleries and web sites around the world. Their work became the first photo fantasy art to be awarded a four page spread in Heavy Metal Magazine. The CTV television network featured two Alberta Prime Time episodes on their work and the amazing modelling talents of Oleanna. Today, Oleanna has become a popular international glamour model and her fine art nudes and erotic fantasy images have become in increasing demand by art collectors and publications around the world.

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Visions of Oleanna
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